Friday, April 27, 2007

Experimental Shorts at the AFF!

AFF Experimental Films

This program boasts the most intimate audience of the festival. Held in a smaller theater, the enthusiastic and curious alike attended the much-anticipated Experimental Shorts program at the AFF. For some, discussions on these lasted well into the morning. Here's my plug - if you're producing experimental work - GET IT OUT THERE! There is a hungry audience waiting to see what you've done in your studio all those endless nights.

Co-Directors (I like to call Experimental folks "co-conspirators") Michael McReynolds (itaki) & Dan Bush (Psychopia) were in attendence, and hosted a Q&A about their film "E-Motion Studies". For it, they used a high-speed scientific Photron camera to capture defining moments in interpersonal relationships. They projected them at normal speed, causing the moments to quietly unfold like living photographs. The filmmakers worked with musicians from Twittering Machine to create unique soundtracks for each moment, and played them simultaneously. "E-Motion Studies" is something that must be experienced in a theater. Keep an eye out for this film - especially if the theater has HD projection. It's not to be missed!

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