Tuesday, April 24, 2007

C-47 on Filmmaker's Friday: Part 2

This little travel-log will be divided into four parts, both for your reading benefit and for my writing benefit.

AFF Bus Tour: Part 2

Before moving on to our next stop, the Digital Intermediary Cinefilm, we stopped for lunch at The Colonnade where I had the chance to speak to more members of our party.


Arik Sokol - Jury Wrangler - Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

So what do you think when you first hear "Atlanta"?

Ikea (because every time he visits Atlanta he happens to buy Ikea furniture), traffic, Six Flags.

What is the job of a "Jury Wrangler"?

To keep the massive egos of the jurors in check and make sure they don't wander off. If you lose them, they're very hard to track in an urban environment.


Amy Dotson - Producer & Managing Director of Narrative Programming - IFP

As an Atlanta native who has returned for the festival, what's changed and what's remained the same?

Well the urban sprawl has definitely increased but what I love is that there are bars and parks I used to frequent that are still around.

What are some upcoming projects IFP is handling?

In June will be staring Roughcut Labs, which well instruct aspiring filmmakers how to get their films distributed without having to go through the Miramax route.


After our hearty meal where I learned I missed out by ordering something not-fried, our journey continued by heading to Cinefilm.

Our group was split into two, and my group headed to the screening room and its incredibly comfortable chairs and sofa. Aside from the fact that screenings rooms are neat, it also serves the function of allowing you to really see how your digitally mastered colorization will play on the big screen as opposed to a computer monitor. Furthermore, we learned that a Digital Intermediary is designed as cost-effective. I was too dazzled by the pretty colors and leather chairs, but I'm sure if you contact Cinefilm, they'll explain it much better than I ever could.

Our group then switched places with our now rival group (dirty looks were now passed and a dance sequence from West Side Story was almost enacted), and we moved on to the Telecine where we got to see how the technicians work through the images and handle the lights and colors to create the best image possible. But wait! What if the filmmaker doesn't agree with the tech's choices? It's not a problem because while the director is off handling other projects, he can just check the Virtual Telecine online, see what the tech has done, and then send comments, all in the space of about a minute. Technology be praised!

After this demonstration, our groups reunited, hugged, and swore a blood oath never to fight again. However, as we were getting back on the FurBus, we learned that some members of our group were deciding to go rogue...

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