Monday, April 30, 2007

Closing Night at the AFF

Closing Night

Director Hal Hartley, who resides in Berlin, Germany, was in attendance for the Closing Night feature of his newest film, FAY GRIM - the sequel to HENRY FOOL. Unfamiliar with Hartley's work, I was worried going in that I wouldn't follow. But unlike some sequels, you didn't have to see HF to follow FG. Hartley does a great job revealing bits of the story through interactions between characters, and never telling too much, or making the viewer feel as if they are being force-fed intentions.

The exciting news is that FAY GRIM is slated to open at Landmark Midtown Arts in the near future. Take the opportunity to see this independent gem that was shot in HD. The writing is engaging, the production design appropriately soft-handed, and the music masterfully done. I will definitely go see it a second time.

The Closing Night party was thrown by the fun-loving folks at Magick Lantern. Magick had a photo booth, cotton candy, snow cones, and old-fashioned cigarette girls. Entertainment was provided by Cadillac Jones and a DJ. Rotating sets helped keep the vibe fun and interesting. Reigndrop Lopes was in attendance, and helped get the dance floor moving.

Festival Director Dan Krovich announced the winner of the 2007 Audience Award - Darius Goes West - a film out of Athens, Georgia.
Festival Winners include...
Dramatic Feature: Great World of Sound
Documentary Feature: Protagonist
Please visit for Short Film winners.

Check back with soon for a festival wrap-up!

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