Friday, April 20, 2007

C-47 on Filmmaker's Friday: Part 1

This little travel-log will be divided into four parts, both for your reading benefit and for my writing benefit.

AFF Bus Tour: Part 1

The Georgia Office of Film Production was good enough to let us on its tour showcasing Atlanta film production for the benefit of visiting filmmakers and festival organizers . And we were going to ride in style on the FurBus, which is like a shuttle but AWESOME. Riding in it is like riding in a feather boa. I don't know how many purple peacocks, magenta zebras, and twenty-foot leopards had to die to upholster this thing, but it was totally worth it. Already, the group was having fun and we were on our way to Production Consultants & Equipment (PC&E).

Matt Dentler - Film Festival Producer- SXSW

So what do you think of when you first hear "Atlanta"?

Coca-Cola, Hip-Hop

What films are you looking forward to seeing this year at AFF?

A bunch, but most notably, the remastered print of 1977's Killer of Sheep.

Running not only Austin's largest film festival but one of the largest film festivals in the country, what's the most important thing to consider?

You have to care about the audience. The festival should be about them.

We arrive at PC&E, but before our guide Mark Woffard can show us around, they've set up a coffee bar for our group. And like filmmakers to coffee, the filmmakers go to the coffee. While most of the group goes for an oral-injection of sweet caffine, I chat up the gentleman to my right.

Skizz Cyzyk - Programming Manager - MicroCineFest

As someone who's been attending the Atlanta Film Festival for over ten years, what can you tell us about how it's been in the past to how it is today?

Well, there's been good years and bad years but I definitely think the festival is about to enter a new golden age.

As the Programming Manager of Maryland's Underground Film Festival, what the most important thing to consider?

Films. Festivals should be about the films.

What films are you looking forward to seeing at AFF this year?

Monday, Hannah Takes The Stairs


With coffee firmly in hand, the group begins the tour and Mark tells us all about the lighting equipment and services they offer. I'm not a cinematographer, but if I was, I imagine the halls of PC&E is what heaven would look like. Everywhere there are wall-lights, clamps, tweenies, inkies, and more. But Mark makes note that whatever your filmmaking needs, PC&E will work with your to make sure that will find a way to meet your vision with your budget.

As we move on through the massive soundstages, we arrive at the cameras. Camera Rental Manager Paul O'Daniel explains that they recently spent $750,000 on new equipment. As he explains the functions of their new $400,000, top-of-the-line camera, he notes "The talent is here, the work force is here, and now, the equipment is here."

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